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JOB CAREER IFC – Investment Analyst Program

Posted by Teddy Wirawan Trunodipo pada September 7, 2008

Investment analysts are an integral part of a project team and are given high levels of responsibility and broad exposure to the many aspects of international project and corporate finance.

IFC recruits investment analysts globally on two-year term contracts extendable to a maximum of four years. Upon completion of their contracts, investment analysts typically leave to pursue a graduate degree or additional work experience, while a select number are promoted directly to Investment Officer positions. Due to the high level of responsibility and the unique nature of their work, IFC’s investment analysts are accepted by leading graduate programs worldwide. In some cases, upon completion of their graduate degrees, analysts return to IFC as investment officers.

Responsibilities :
1. Creating financial models
2. Analyzing historical and projected financial statements
3. Conducting industry and market research
4. Reviewing company information
5. Preparing documentation for IFC internal processes
6. Participating in investment negotiations

Qualifications :
1. Bachelor’s or equivalent degree
2. Up to 3 years work experience in a financial institution or other finance-related field
3. Strong analytical and conceptual skills including corporate/project finance
4. Ability to develop complex financial models
5. Keen interest in development finance and multicultural environments
6. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing
7. Fluency in English and proficiency in one or more of Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish preferred

Application and Selection Process
IFC recruits for the Investment Analyst Program globally. Applications are accepted online in April and October of each year. Typically, successful applicants have developed their skills through a combination of academic coursework and full-time work experience.

Candidates who are short-listed will be informed of the placement of their resumes in a database accessible by all IFC departments. If you are selected for interviews from this database, you will be contacted directly by the interested IFC department. IFC departments hire investment analysts on an as-needed basis throughout the year, so applicants may remain in the database for up to six months.

2008 Investment Analyst Program Recruitment
The application period for the Investment Analyst Program is currently closed. The next application period will be held in October 2008. Please visit this website at that time for a link to the application.

Short-listed candidates for the May posting will be contacted by May 23, 2008. Candidates can also check the status of their applications online (click “Check Application Status” to the left and sign in to the Member Center).

OPEN : http://www.ifc.org/ifcext/careers.nsf/Content/SummerIntern


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